A new blog

This is the third time I am switching my blog. After using Wordpress for I don’t know how long, I think Wordpress is kind of overkill for a simple blog like mine. So, I decided to host my blog in Github Pages using Jekyll.

The thing is, I really want to have a frequently updated blog, with lots of useful posts. You know, just like many great people on the web. Like Joel Spolsky with his legendary software engineering posts. Or Jeff Atwood, also about software engineering and sometimes his intriguing thoughts. Or Sebastian Raschka with his cool machine learning tutorials. But, I am a lazy. Hell, I am so lazy to update my blog even I have the idea clearly in my mind. Will moving to Github Pages cure my laziness? Maybe yes. Maybe no. I don’t know. I just hope with how easy it is to write and publish post with Jekyll, I would be more motivated to write.

So, yeah, enjoy my new blog!