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  • Wed 20 April 2016
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Hitung sampai 20

Pada acara Persiapan Keberangkatan (PK) beasiswa LPDP minggu lalu, ada sebuah permainan ice breaking yang ditampilkan oleh panitia PK. Judul permainannya adalah “Hitung sampai 20”. Permainan ini dilakukan oleh dua pemain dan masing-masing pemain harus menyebut satu atau dua angka dari angka 1, 2, sampai 20. Pemain yang menyebut angka …

  • Tue 29 March 2016
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Pumping Lemma (part 2)

Originally posted on March 14, 2012 Sekarang saya akan coba jelaskan bagaimana contoh pembuktian menggunakan Pumping Lemma yang sebelumnya sudah dibahas pada Pumping Lemma - Part 1. Buktikan bahwa bahasa \(L = \{ a^{m^{2}} \mid m \ge 0 \}\) adalah bahasa non-reguler. Solusi 1 (hasil diskusi dengan Raja Oktovin): Misalkan \(L\) adalah …

  • Fri 25 March 2016
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Pumping Lemma (part 1)

Originally posted on March 13, 2012 Pada kuliah Teori Bahasa dan Automata, terdapat suatu lemma penting yang bernama Pumping Lemma. Lemma ini berkaitan dengan bahasa-bahasa yang dapat diterima oleh suatu FA (finite automaton), yaitu bahasa reguler. Lemma ini biasanya digunakan untuk membuktikan bahwa suatu bahasa tidak reguler. Bunyi lemmanya seperti …

  • Sat 29 August 2015
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How to use find command

Two days ago I finally understand how to use find command properly. Previously, when I want to search for a file recursively in a directory, what I would do is find DIRECTORY_NAME | grep PATTERN. The command would then spit a large amount of text and I would manually scroll my …

  • Sat 13 June 2015
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Pagination quirk with MongoDB

We use MongoDB as our database at Cermati. A few days ago when I was building a new product line, I needed to implement pagination with MongoDB using its aggregate pipeline query and the pattern we have been using at Cermati, $sort + $skip + $limit. $sort is used to sort (obviously …

  • Fri 15 May 2015
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Task dependency in Gulp

At Cermati, we use Gulp as our task runner to run most of our build tasks. My first two weeks of working were spent on implementing build-related stuff. Two of which were auto-revert on broken build and auto-tag on sucessful build on production branch. For these two tasks, I used …

  • Sun 10 May 2015
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Fixing weird Redis server daemon

Few days ago I set up my Vagrant virtual machine to be used for work. At Cermati, we use Redis as our key-value storage. After I successfully installed Redis, I notice there’s a weird thing about managing the daemon using service in my Ubuntu 14.04 VM. When I …

  • Sun 26 April 2015
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A new blog

This is the third time I am switching my blog. After using Wordpress for I don’t know how long, I think Wordpress is kind of overkill for a simple blog like mine. So, I decided to host my blog in Github Pages using Jekyll. The thing is, I really …